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Into the Ether is a podcast focusing on all things Ethereum and DeFi. This podcast features in-depth discussions with prominent guests in the space hosted by Eric Conner as well as weekly news recaps featuring Anthony Sassano.

Feb 12, 2020

James Simpson, CEO and co-founder of mStable, joins the podcast to talk about their new product. We talk about how mStable creates baskets of digital assets to remove risks such as counter-party risks and more. Everyone loves to hold Dai but the reality is there are underlying risks to that. To help with this, mStable is launching mUSD which creates an underlying basket of stablecoins to distribute risk. In doing this, if one stablecoin in the basket loses the peg, those holding mUSD are still safe due to the mechanics of the system. This is a very interesting project and James does a great job of explaining the details.